Reading Resources: Fun With Phonics

Black mother and daughter reading a book

Get Ready To Read

One of the best ways to help our children learn to read is by grabbing a book, getting comfy, and reading to them daily. Hearing our voices as we point to each word allows their beautiful brains to connect words with sounds. For this reason, we are excited to host our online Reading Room! Leveraging the power of phonics, the Reading Room contains free online tools and resources to inspire, support, and encourage preschoolers and kindergartners to read (and write).

What Is Phonics?

Phonics is a way to learn to read and write. It teaches learners how letters make different sounds, like the letter ‘S’ makes the “sss” sound. By understanding the connection between letters and the sounds they make, children and adults learn to read and spell words better.

How Does Phonics Work?

Phonics starts with easy sounds like consonants (example ‘t’) and short vowels (example ‘a’). As the learner gets better, they learn more complex patterns like two letters making one sound (diagraphs), groups of two or more consonants (blends), and different vowel combinations. Here are examples of each:

  • Example of a diagraph: ‘th’
  • Example of blends: ‘st’
  • Example of vowel combinations: ‘ea’

Parents: Getting Started

Our online Reading Room provides the following free tools and resources:

  • Short Stories: We publish short children’s stories in groups of six. Each story introduces a different letter and utilizes a fun character to share its sound. Our stories are based on the basic, foundational letters, combinations, and sounds children should know to begin reading and writing. The stories are available to read online and are not printable. Read these stories as much as your child likes!
  • Story Workbooks: After each story, there is a mini-workbook that helps reinforce the letter and sound from the book. All workbooks can be downloaded and printed at any time for personal use. As your child completes the workbook activities, have them make the sound of the letter they are learning. We also include additional resources.
  • Let’s Make Words: This resource uses the letters your child learns in each story series to make easy sight words. Your child can sound them out and write them to improve their recognition of sounds and words.

Access The Reading Room

Click the button below to access our free reading tools and resources for beginning readers and writers. The Reading Room can also be accessed from the menu of this site. Keep going to keep growing!