The Reading Room

beautiful little african american girl reading in a magical room full of books

About This Space

Welcome to the Reading Room! Here you’ll find free phonics-based tools and resources. These resources were created to encourage and support preschoolers and kindergartners as they learn to read and write. This space focuses on learning alphabet letters and the sounds they make – a powerful combination for beginning readers. To learn more about this space, visit our introduction page. Each learning to read series includes six different letters.

Let’s Learn!

Letters and Sounds Series 1: S, N, P, A, T, I

  1. Letter S: Sammy the Salamander
  2. Letter A: Anna the Ant
  3. Letter T: Tisha the Tiger
  4. Letter I: Ivan the Ice Cream Cone
  5. Letter P: Pippy the Panda
  6. Letter N: Nelson the Newt
  7. Let’s Make Words – Series #1 (download once your child is comfortable with all six letters in this series)