Mood Journal

Why This Journal?

Life can be a roller coaster of emotions at every age! And when it comes to emotions, feelings, and moods, it can be…complicated. So, it often becomes difficult not to be consumed by the emotions happening inside of us. That’s where a mood journal can help!

A mood journal is a log of one’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It helps to name, record, and track daily emotional ups and downs and possible reasons behind them. When done regularly, mood journaling helps to identify patterns in how we feel and respond.

Our Boss Black Girls Mood Journal is a powerful tool for young black girls to:

  • name their feelings,
  • have space to feel what they feel, and
  • explore why they feel as they do.

Inside This Journal

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Book Details

  • Flexible paperback style.
  • Colorful Boss Black Girls design on a glossy cover to fight off dust, dirt, and fingerprints from everyday use.
  • Journal ownership page (“This journal belongs to”).
  • Black and white interior.
  • 120 mood-tracking journal pages for daily self-reflection and connection.
  • Includes feelings wheel, gratitude maps, and more!
  • Travel sized: 6 x 9 inches. Fits perfectly in most purses, totes, and backpacks.
  • Best for pens, pencils, and very light fine-tip markers.
  • Ideal for tween and teen girls (ages 12-16 years old).

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