Why Us?

Writing things down is essential for discovering, celebrating, and loving ourselves and our place in the world – at every age! Writing helps us get what’s in our heads down on paper where we learn more about ourselves and creatively express our thoughts and ideas. Many studies have shown writing can boost positive mental health, productivity, and overall wellness.

For this reason, PowHERed Up is a collection of books and resources that encourage more writing, inspire positivity, and support the wellness of young black girls worldwide. The collection includes paperback journals, books for beginning learners, tools and resources designed to motivate, celebrate, and encourage black girls of all ages to:

  • grow in confidence,
  • learn about themselves and their passions,
  • build healthy relationships with themselves and others,
  • express their unique creativity,
  • and discover the power of their voices.

Our books and resources are designed for specific ages, but young black girls of any age can explore and use them, too.

We strive to create books and resources that inspire self-love from the inside out for young black girls everywhere!

Collage of beautiful young black girls at various ages.

Explore our current offerings and purchase your favorites for the amazing young girls in your life!

PowHERed Up books are a product of Disrupted Unicorn Publishing LLC.